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Tony Isabella

Kasich worries me. He seems reasonable on the national stage, but he's an anti-union, anti-teachers, feeding off wealthy charter school donors kind of guy. He's been bad for Ohio and he'd be worse for the nation.

Tony from Ohio

Jeff Mariotte

Trust me, I don’t harbor any illusions that he’s a secret moderate or anything. I know he’s as conservative as they come. But it’s refreshing that there’s one person on that side who’s not trying to run on the basis of infantilizing or demonizing the president. I feel like the rest of the Republican contenders are thoroughly reprehensible, while in Kasich there’s a deeply buried core of decency that’s slightly embarrassed by the others.

But I think he’d be a disaster for America. I don’t think he has a shot at the nomination, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on anybody’s ticket, on the theory that he can help carry Ohio.

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